7 Simple Magic Tricks With Household Items

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  1. Check out 7 MORE Magic Tricks With Household Items: www.youtube.com/watch?v=esVZx...

  2. These are some simple to do Magic Tricks that I have used for years now. I am finally ready to pass them on to you to try and WIN BIG!!!

    This video shows people doing many different amazing tricks. Enjoy!
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    1. Sleight of Hand Street Magic tricks http://youtu.be/UBnY8b7cQxc
    2. Amazing Fire Trick! youtu.be/7hG7Mbkj2AQ
    3. Flow...water magic trick youtu.be/DPlkw5L5Yg8
    4.Trick with Cell Phone youtu.be/rhReZEDDco8
    5. Magic Trick : Tea To Water youtu.be/uAbA1R_eyJM
    7. Street Magic with Magic Myles youtu.be/R-sWrk1pjww
    8. Ring Onto Spoon Street Magic Trick REVEALED youtu.be/9lANyqh8l_A
    9. Magic Trick Revealed - Crazy Cool Trick youtu.be/s6Nz01wU4To
    10. coin tricks tutorial (easy) youtu.be/IX3wDay9YVY
    11. Волшебные спички. Magic matches youtu.be/p0W64eEzvuU
    11. David Copperfield "cork in the bottle" youtu.be/1CgtPOvO7UI
    12. Coin Levitation youtu.be/R8mgEva2Yy4
    13. Dad Showed the Trick youtu.be/hx4nX5MXKp0
    14. Awsome Cork Trick youtu.be/SpPxzM0w91E
    15. 5 Coins Trick youtu.be/IeLQZeaxGzM
    16.Amazing Water Trick! How to Suspend Water Without a Cup! youtu.be/7ctaA2mERzI
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