8 Instagram Influencers to Follow in the Recipe Niche

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When you are busy with work and family, it’s a real challenge to find new recipes that you can trust are worth your time. You could watch a whole cooking show on The Food Network and take notes, or you can look for recipes on the internet.

Usually, though, once you find something that has a four-star rating and seems like just what you are looking for, you have to scroll through someone’s entire life story before you get to the part where they tell you how to make that cornbread recipe you clicked on a half-hour ago.

Instagram is one place most people don’t always think to look for recipes and cooking how-tos, but it can be one of the quickest ways to find a delicious new dish to wake up your taste buds. 

Chefs are on the platform posting brilliant photos of the food they make, along with the recipes or links to the recipes right in the comments. They are building Instagram accounts by working with a provider like ViralRace, which helps them get real followers who love their content. This makes them easier to find by anyone looking for great recipes on the platform. Simply scroll through until you find something that looks good. Finding something different to make for dinner was never this easy.

1. Jamie Oliver

British chef Jamie Oliver focuses on making meals accessible, and he has written cookbooks about making meals with as few as five ingredients. His Instagram posts are all about simplicity and he often features videos of his kids sharing their favorite recipes as well. Oliver communicates with his followers, answering questions when asked, which may be why he has over seven million of them.

2. Yumna Jawad

Yumna Jawad’s bio, “Foodie by day, also foodie by night,” is supported by the focus on food in her Instagram posts. Her beautiful posts include fun abbreviated videos that show every step of the process of making healthy dishes like a cobb salad, as well as fun desserts like gluten-free peanut butter cookies. 

The recipes for every dish are included in the comments, along with news about the companies she partners with to bring you the amazing dishes she creates.

3. Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino—known to her fans as Ro—makes fun holiday and movie-themed dishes, including the cutest pastries you have ever seen. On her Instagram account, she shares photos of her food as well as beautiful fun photos from her personal life. 

Her links redirect to her YouTube channel where she teaches you how to make recipes like bird’s nest cookies and a honey cake that looks like a beehive. The recipes can also be found in her latest cookbook, Baking All Year Round.

4. Dorie Greenspan

Columnist on the New York Times Magazine section, EAT, treats her followers to tempting photos of beautiful pastries made by herself and also other guest chefs that she writes about in her segment. Greenspan has been a champion of women chefs, and she started the #cookiesandkindness movement, where she asks people to bake batches of cookies to share with others as an act of kindness. Just trying one of her post-worthy cookie recipes will have you wanting to try them all. 

5. Molly Yeh

Molly Yeh’s recipe photos are so vibrant it will make you want to get off your couch and into your kitchen right away. In her show on the Food Network, Girl Meets Farm, she shares her recipes featuring fresh ingredients with flair. Yeh is super personal on her Instagram account, sharing recipes from her Jewish heritage and engaging with followers who ask her questions.

6. David Chang

David Chang’s Instagram features mostly practical and simple recipes that you can make at home with ease. They had to be simple in his early days, because his videos were all made with one hand while he cooked with the other. 

Chang starred in a Netflix original series called Ugly Delicious, in search of international foods that support the idea that food doesn’t have to be pretty in order to be tasty, and most of his Instagram photos also support this concept. Still, there is something so appetizing about watching Chang saute iceberg lettuce with red peppers that you may not be able to resist giving it a try.

7. Elavegan

Michaela Vais is a food blogger, vegan, and food stylist. Her perfectly framed photos of the amazing vegan recipes she creates bring down any myths that vegans don’t have delicious options in their diets. 

Gorgeous pastries, velvety vegan cheese dishes, and hearty proteins are all featured on Vais’s account. Her one million followers are regularly treated to culinary delights like sticky teriyaki tofu, creamy roasted red pepper pasta, and no-bake vegan cheesecake that looks like something straight out of a Candyland dream.

8. Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley

The Hemsley sisters are so passionate about creating food that supports gut health and is easy to digest, they have made it their life’s work. They make creating delicious gluten and refined sugar-free meals seem easy, and the variety of colorful ingredients they use in their dishes makes their Instagram feed one of the most pleasing feeds you will ever scroll. 

These sisters will have you ready to adopt a diet that keeps you feeling vibrant and healthy at first look.

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