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A house in our neighborhood was on fire. The flames were very high and they were becoming higher and higher, because it was blowing very hard. There was smoke everywhere and it had covered the whole sky. Nobody could see anything through the clouds of smoke. There was the hissing of steam. Even in these circumstances, some people were trying to put out the fire by sand, water and gas.


One man was bringing out the children and the women. Some men were bringing out the luggage. The fire had caught the doors, windows and the roof. With a crash the roof came down. The doors and windows also gave way. The flame were growing higher and higher. The sky was black with the smoke and the ashes were falling from the sky.


The wood turned into coal and coal into ashes. First the walls became black them they cracked and them they fell because of fire. There was so much heat that it could not be endured. Everybody was perspiring. The gallant firemen were fighting against the rising flames. Despite their struggle the fire was still raging as furiously as when it started. Now it was posing a great danger to the adjoining buildings.


A crowd drew from all over the locality, and flocked around to have a glimpse of the devastating fire. The traffic came to a halt. Within three hours the house was burnt to ashes


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