A Gift By Mother Nature

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A Gift By Mother Nature

Thou most adored son of mother nature

Please come and help this  soul to nurture

Come and whisper your sweet words to my ears

You have always been my friend for many years

You are so precious to me like a sea pebble

Sweet sea breeze, come and make my lips tremble

Every single minute with you is never wasted

Because you are the sweetest I have ever tasted

You are so special and adored in my life

I long for you amid this struggle and strife

If you could make haste and hurry

Because I am terrified that you might tarry

Don’t forget to come with your sister,the cool wind

It is the only way that you two can make me unwind

You bring with you sweet serenity that doubles

The peace of mind and for a moment I forget my troubles

I will always wait for you patiently

Because I know that you are faithful and friendly.


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