A Haunted House'''

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A Haunted House


In Car This Group Have’nt Any Fear
Accept The Manner Os To Take Care

When The Car’s Bumper Stuck Into Tree
The Passengers Think That Tree Had Broken And Free

There Were Two Girls And Three Boys
They Were Making An Sopphisticated Noise

The Car Was Stop And The Group Made A Rushc
They Stand Horrifiedly Stand Like A Brush

When This Group Exicetly Pen The Door’s House
Its Make The Ran Of Bats And Mouse

They Could See A Man Wearing A Cap
Like An Rope Of Cloth Happen To Be Rap

The Two Girls Said We Would Only Be Here
You Three Boys Rush To Get And See Man Near

The Cap Man Was Standing Hold A Cigerate
Three Boy’s Blood Get Cold And Refrigerate

At The Back The Girl’s Gazing Him With Pushing
The Door Where The Enter Had Got Folding

All Surround Made Like A Creepy Black World
There Were No Ways To Go Because There Deeds


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