A Letter To All People Of World From “Crazy”

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“Dear People of Earth,


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This is to intimate you all that, I have been very well appraised by others as you the people of the world made me so special and always adding me with those who are always rare in this world. But on the first hand, I started weeping because you people always keep me away from the most. I felt bad. I upset. I am not in the group, nobody for me.  And even the persons, with whom I have been added, don’t care me for my existences.


But I am realizing that I am among the rare not the dear. You all make the group with the people whom you can beat, cheat and dominate. You think, judge others as the same and build a community, but keep those people away from all of you whom you never understand and can’t measure his/her capacity.


I am happy to be connected with them, because they lead the world later with their unique ability. You throw them away, neglect their thought and never forget to hate; but they bring revolution, build new world; you the same people take shelter, get benefits; they become famous, memorable and great. It is my great pleasure to be always with them.


Thanks for adding me with them, and calling them Crazy People. I am overvalued.




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