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Hey everyone, I recently became a member of the site and thought I would write quick post about my background and a little insight in to the film I have made.

So… A little about me. I grew up in north England, in a town called Middlesbrough. After studying Graphic design in college and university. I then moved down to London and worked as a designer in a small web design studio. I then decided I wanted to try out New York, so I packed up my things and made the jump. I worked full time for a few years then decided that I wanted to give freelance a shot. Mainly so I could work on personal projects, especially The Mega Plush. I’ve always been interested in telling stories, and I always tried to bring them in to my work, weather it was design work, a logo or an animation. I think it makes the difference between good work and great work. The Mega Plush was a story I knew I had to tell, so after a few years hard work, on and off between client work, I finally have the first episode of the series.

Which leads me to the film. The Mega Plush started as some sketches done by my friend John Noe. When he showed them to me, I was inspired to turn them in to a 3d creation.  Fast forward a few years, after the project fell into the ‘I wish I had time to work on this pile’, it was resurrected. I had some down time with client work and decided it was time to get this back up and running. I started by coming up with the short story that would become the first episode, and then went about rigging the characters, modeling the environments and getting renders out. The process was slow and disjointed as paid work was the priority, but any moment free I had was dedicated to the project.

So now it is finished and out in the wild, it’s time to move on to the next episode, which I’m currently in the story stage for, but hopefully will be kicking in to production very soon.

I hope you all enjoy the film so far, and if you have any questions, you can check out the website and contact me through there.





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