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Last Saturday,We decided all the cusions to go out somewhere for fun and get together one of my elder cusion brought a coaster wagon on rent beause we were almost 30 in count and the seats of the wagon were 28.

we all the cusions decided to not to take our parents with us lets make a party of youngs and enjoy.At sunday 9'o clock was the time to get everthing ready and we moved at 8:30 from home with the best buddies hahahhahaha!

Infact one of my cusion he is from Gujranwala arried at 3'o clock Sunday morning we were all waiting for him.Man he is awesome with a great perosnality.

He is body builder and won a championship at province level Mr.Punjab Got the second 2nd position.Here is the Photo.

He is showing off the Blue shirt that he weired the same day.There are some more pics which I will show later on.

The picture that has been shown in the it right now is the Highway called Kashmire Highway.From here the Resort is almost 27 kilometers But the ride of Coaster makes it in time.and if conveyance is own then there in no Problem,even Motorbike can do the work But the situation is little bit different here We were 30 and Bike can't do anything.


This is the entrance of the Resort I asked somebody to take the picture.

At the side cornor there were some heavy stones I sit on the stones and make a pouse.I liked that picture which I am sharing with you all.

I am in the water requested somebody to please take a picture its looking nice and that was also very hot,even though some days before It rain but still the sun was blashing high in the sky and too hot there So I decided why not get in the water to make rememberable.

I  am sitting on the rock solid stone held in the water its a very Clean water as you can see in the Image And the speciality of this water is its so cold you feel comfortable and take bath in the water which I did because the day was Hot.The is comming From the Rock dens In shape of streams and mix with Inhabitants and fresh that It is full of sodium can't drink much water.Not easy to Go through the water to reach to an other bank of the resort.The flow of the water is irresistable you can't be able to make through this.

The water is so cold In the 40'c temperature because the water is coming out from the high rocks and falls down and comming to us in shape of small streams.I am not been able to sit for a long time in the water because my feets were having no sense at all the cold water I sit in almost for 15 minutes in it.

Some more pictures.

This is my brother in the picture he came out for first time and also enjoyed the housefull party which you can say that a cusions party.

These are all my cusions enjoying and taking bath in the water In Fact the cold water.

There is only one video of Water Resort and the background overall looking fantastic I know its not much But make it Sure next time in future God willingly!


Wow I recalled that time man I really enjoyed the time I will never ever forget those moments of my happy life and pictures are also have the certain memories to recall the time.

                                                                      I will the resort again unfortunately I am not been able to shoot much video of that side only one little clip and  taken pics but I will make it next in future.

But I am sure you would like the effort that i made for you.

                                                                                               Please Make it Worth The bitlanders team 

                                                                                                  Thank You so very much!








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