A train to Pakistan (book review)

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Train to Pakistan is the first book by any Indian author I have read and really it made my day. I have read many stories about partition of India in two parts that is new India and Pakistan but this story really brought the tears in my eye. I came to know about this book when I was surfing idly on Face book, one news got my attention that was about a man name khaswant Singh. That news made me curious and I start searching about him on net, and there I got books written by him. I picked his book “a train to Pakistan” as it has interesting title and start reading.


A train to Pakistan is an amazing story set in the era of partition, this book has everything, a story of innocence of innocent people, a love story of a Muslim girl and a Sigh boy, and the environment of a village in 1947 never allow you to raise your eyes from the book. The story is set up in the village name as Mano Manjra, the story revolve around three main characters one is Jaga Singh, a magistrate and a man name Iqbal. Jaga is a loafer and a rowdy with a golden heart, he fall in love with a Muslim girl.

This was the year when partition occur, every year person from every religion was getting slaughter, Hindus and Sigh were killing Muslims and Muslims were cutting the Hindus like carrots, in mean while the magistrate of Mano Manjra wants the peaceful vacation of Muslims from his area, but many people try to kill the people and loot the train which was taking the Muslims to Pakistan as a revenge but the mean while Jaga cuts the ropes attached to the weapons and was shot twice by the enraged  mob and train enter the Pakistan stamping the Jaga.

This story really gave me goose bumps; India was parted because people wants freedom from British, but now looking at today’s Pakistan and India sometimes I wonder are we free?? We have gain freedom from British but what we have gain in return? I leave this question to you….

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