A weasel fly on the back of a woodpecker

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 It's a bird! It's a plane! Nooo is a woodpecker with a weasel in the back!
A photo captured by amateur photographer Martin Le-May shows the moment when a weasel attacks a woodpecker, reports English news channel ITV news.
Photographer stated that "feared the worst" when he heard the bird fighting with the small mammal park Hornchurch, London, UK, where he had gone for a walk with his wife, Ann.
"As we walked we heard an anguished croak and saw a green stain. He quickly pointed to Ann bird and sat in the grass behind a couple of small trees, "said Le-May. "Just when I took my camera the bird flew by us and a little in our direction, so it was obvious that a small mammal was on his back and that (the bird) was fighting for his life."
Le-May said the woodpecker landed a point about 25 meters from the partner, which distracted the weasel and let the bird fly away into the trees.

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