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 Previously I have written about the mysterious and strange places in the world. Those places have destroyed many things and many people. They are fatal and dangerous but still, their mysteries are not solved. They are mysterious from centuries and I cannot see any scientific progress in this regard no matter how far a man can go in the space but he just cannot justify these places.

I have written about only 4 places in my previous blog. If you have not read that information then I would recommend you to read that first part of About the Strange Places in the World. If you have already read that then let us continue to its second part which is this blog.

5. Michigan Triangle

Lake Michigan is one of the five major lakes in North America. Its feature is that this whole lake is in America, otherwise, four other lakes are jointly in the US and Canada. The first inhabitants around the lake were known as "Hope Well Indians". After 800 years their culture came to an end and the next few hundred years, the area was being set up by the "Late Wood Land Indians" and eventually occupied by Europeans here.

Michigan Triangle is called the main part of the lake. This triangle also holds reputation due to the disappearances of aircraft and ships.

wrecking ship picturizing the one wrecked in Lake Michigan

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On April 28, 1937, Captain George R. Donner passed through the lake on his own ship. Captain Donner was feeling tired. He told his subordinate that he wants to rest in his cabin, but he should be awakened before reaching the destination. Captain was not present in his cabin after several hours when his subordinate went to awaken him. The entire ship was searched but Captain Donner was not found.

 On 23 June 1950, the North West Airlines flight number 2501 was on its way towards the destination. The pilot "Robert Saland" was very experienced pilot. 58 passengers were also riding on the plane at that time. In the middle of the night, when his flight had to change its face slightly due to the bad weather, he passed over the Michigan Lake. Meanwhile, the pilot petitioned from the control tower to reduce its height of 3500 feet to 2500 feet but did not make any statement. That's why his request was rejected. This was the last connection that happened between the plan and the tower control and the plan was missing. It is clear that the plan had fallen into the lake because later the pieces of the seat’s cover at the surface of the lake were found floating, but the most amazing aspect is that neither the plan nor the passenger’s remains were found.

Lake Michigan map Location


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6. Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant is a city in and the county seat of Mason County, West Virginia, USA,[6] at the confluence of the Ohio and Kanawha Rivers

Source: Wikipedia

By hearing this name, it seems like this will be a place where everyone will be happy and those who go there will feel very happy to reach that place. But it is not so.

 This city is located in the state of West Virginia, USA. This town is also famous for its mysterious and strange stories. The most popularity in these stories was found by the story in which a creation called "Mothman" is mentioned. From November 1966 to December 1967, the creature spread terror in the entire region. More than 100 people of Point Pleasant are claiming to see " Mothman ". He said that " Mothman" had a height of seven feet long, his breast is wide and red eyes having magnetic force. Apart from this, he has ten feet long wings which were always scratching on the ground behind him.

collapsing of the silver bridge over Ohio River.


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 There may be a number of reasons for " Mothman " which has been the subject of books and movies. Near to some people, he was a space creature, while some thought that he was a type of creature passing through the evolutionary stages. Most people used to think that he was originally an owl or a coastal buggy bird, from whom the people of Point Pleasant were afraid for a long time.

 In addition, people of Point Pleasant also claim to see flying crafts and looking like human beings creatures named "Men in Black" are also seen there who have the ability to make you lose your senses with their appearance and voice. It is said that those creatures only meet people who are reputed to be a witness of tremendous events.

 Mothman Statue at Pleasant Pointplaces

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7. Bigelow Ranch

 This personal property, based on 480 acres, is located in the US state "Utah". It is also famous for extravagant events and flying crafts. Amazing events have been happening here since the 1950s, but most of the events occurred when "Terry" and "Gwen Sherman" two Rangers were deployed here in 1994.

On the first day when these two Rangers came here, they saw a strong wolf standing in the pasture. They thought this wolf as a pet and went to him. The wolf stood firmly, but suddenly, he caught a calf of the cow fence enclosure nearby and dragged out and ran away. When a ranger "Terry" fired on that wolf, the bullets did not affect the wolf. Finally, "Terry" brought out his shotgun and fired it on the wolf, but it did not affect either and did not get the wolf. When attempted to pursue that wolf, he did not get the mark of his feet. It seems like he was dissolved in the air.

Bigelow ranch


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These events did not end here, but the appearance of flying crafts, dancing fire bowls (about which is said that three dogs get caught on it and disappear), other intellectual creatures and distortions. There was a sequence of events such as rotten dead cattle. The situation worsened so that in 1996, the owners sold this property. The new owner was the founder of the "National Institute for Discovery Science", who came here and tried to investigate mysterious events, but it is also amazing that he and his organization has kept the results of the research a secret.


8. The Devil's Sea

 It is also called "The Dragon Triangle" or "The Pacific Bermuda Triangle". It is the area around the island of Miyake, which is about 100 miles in the south of Japan’s capital, Tokyo. Like Bermuda Triangle, this part of the ocean is also famous for mysterious events, unusual magnetic power, incredible bodies and appearance of light and unnecessary disappearances. Even the Japanese Department of Fisheries has declared this area as dangerous and the fishermen have been issued instructions to stay away from it.

Image Picturizing the Devil's Sea.


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In order to find out about a volcanic eruption underwater here on December 24, 1952, Japan sent an investigation team in this area, called “ Kaiyo Maru- 5”. On this ship, 31 people from the staff were on the board. After this ship arrived in this area, only sent an "SOS" (help message sent to the aid) and then it was not found anywhere, nor was ever seen again.

Similarly, in the middle of April 1949 and October 1953, 7 fisher boats were disappeared in the ocean area of 1200 kilometers. History states that China's famous King Kublai Khan sent several naval campaigns to conquer Japan, but he could not cross this devastating sea, and about 40,000 people were dead on this adventure.

There are many stories about this triangle. It is said that it is a "gateway" of a space creature to come to the ground. Most of the experts also offer scientific preference that there are vast resources of the "Methane Hydrates" underground. Methane Hydrates Gas burst at more than 18 C temperatures.

This gas looks like a reservoir of an ice and it begins to break from the ground and then break to the top, which causes the bubbles to appear on the surface. During this process, these bubbles can easily swallow any ship, and even its debris could not be found. Another theory is that the underground volcanoes in this area (which are very common here) are responsible for all these events.

Map showing Dragon Triangle in the Devil's Sea and Bermuda Triangle


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9. Lake Anji Kuni

In contrast to other mysterious places, this lake created its name in the world filled with mysteries, by destroying a whole village instead of just a few people or ships.

This lake is located in Canada. The lake's coast consists of rocks. Mostly those hunters pass by this lake who hunt animals for the sake of their skin. In November 1930, such a hunter, Joe Labelle, often used to be here, one day he passed by this place and he was amazed to see that all the villagers of the village were missing. He got the clothes in their homes that were tailored to the needle as if the sewer has left them while sewing. There were pots on the stoves and they had hot food.

It was as if the villagers had to go somewhere suddenly and left wherever they were and get up and walked. But, where did they go and why and that too sudden? This is also a secret today. The most annoying thing was that there were seven snow car dogs who died because of hunger, while there were also food items in the open shops. As well as one tomb of the village cemetery was also opened and there was no dead body inside. The amazing thing is that this work was not of a wild animal because the boundary of the surrounding graves was the rightly in its place. People say that even before this incident the strange lights were seen on the sky. Thus, this incident also went into the account of space creatures, ghosts, and Dracula, and could not find its true fact until today.

Empty town and few visitors at Lake Anj Kuni


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10. South Atlantic Anomaly

If you are told that you have a "Bermuda Triangle" in space above our land, would you believe it? No, But it is true and it is called " South Atlantic Anomaly". This is where Magnetic 'charged particles' come into existence due to the solar wind. These magnetically charged particles come into force due to the attractive magnetic field of the Earth and gather around the earth. In the space where this magnetic force is near the surface of the earth, it is known as the "Earth's Iner Van Allen Belt". Here the Earth’s magnetic field is weakest, and it is above the Brazilian part of Atlantic Ocean.

Synthetic planets and space shuttle passing through this location, face many different problems, and computers stop working. "Hubble Telescope", circulating in space, is an important tool for scientists to provide information about the planets and stars floating in the universe's extensions, even during circulation, closes all its observations when passes through this place. The International Space Station, which passes 5 times from here in 24 hours, also stops all the movements when passes through this place, as astronauts, do not see anything other than the only glittering stars. It seems like it's not just a technical problem. Apparently, it is seen that the charged particles of this magnet ground are the technical reason, but scientists are still not confident about it. So why not all this be put into the account of an unknown space creature?

Sattelite image showing South Atlantic Anomaly


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These are the amazing places that are found on our planet, and their mysteries still need to be solved.

I would like to end my blog with a movie which will show you some more scary places present in our world. Thanks for your time.

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