Acura NSX Coupe

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Noted for being a car of innovative firsts, like the aluminum construction for its body structure, body panels, suspension and engine, its engine which was the very first to feature variable valve timing and a variable-volume intake manifold, the Acura NSX Coupe was the first Japanese sports car sold in United States competing directly with the world's finest sports cars. Originally, the sports car Acura NSX Coupe was produced by the Japanese car maker Honda during the period 1990-2005, and was called HPX (Honda pininfarina Xperimental), featuring a petrol C20A 2.0 L V6 engine. Gradually, the HPX was converted into another concept called NSX (New sports car experimental) that gave place to the placement of all powerful 3.0 L VTEC V6 engine. The prototype of Acura NSX Coupe has in its elements of many Honda automotive technologies. More or less, the prototype of Acura NSX Coupe is based upon F1 motor-sports program. The Acura NSX, scheduled to be released in 2013, has no mention about its prices on its website.


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