Afghan Food (Beryani)

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I have written this Afghani Beryani recipe many years ago, I just found it in my notes few days ago and cook it for myself.Its a traditional afghani food and mostly Kabulian People use this food. In the original recipe is chicken, but I replaced it with Turkey , also I removed an spoon of sauce from recipe.


Rice: 5 cups

Turkey: 1 kg

Yogurt: 1 cup or glass

Small Onion: 1 piece

Garlic mashed: 2 tablespoon

Ginger: 1 small spoon (you can also use from grated fresh ginger)

Cinnamon: 1 small spoon

Cardamom: 5 pcs

Carnation: 5 pcs

Salt, pepper, turmeric, saffron ....

First we steam the onion then add the garlic and ginger and steam them too, and add turkey into the mixed ingredients ... then again steam them, at the end add the yogurt and salt to the mixed ingredients and let them to cooked, until the water become dry and if you put it in low heat so it doesn’t need boiled water, but if you see it need it so you can add boiled water to them. Add the spices while it cooking or you can add them in beginning with the steamed onions and garlic. I'll rinse the rice, then put it down in favourite pot, then add a layer of rice, with a layer of Beryani on top and finally add dissolved saffron rice and give them below to brew. If you are fan of spicy foods and spices, so I recommend you to try this delicious food.


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Sanam Noori is from Herat Afghanistan and she was born in 1988 in historical city of Herat. During the Taliban Regime they immigrated to the Iran and she studied her elementary school there. she trained and learned the basic of cooking by professional Asian cookers in Iran. After Taliban regime…

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