Afghan Women's life situation from Taliban regime till now

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We focus on the rights of women under the Taliban, At this time all of them had died out completely exclude that the، Schools were closed gates on their lack of knowledge and education were.

To the right of poor women did not  it necessitates that the Taliban governor of Herat Mla yar mohamad promised in his speech was published by BBC Radio it reminded passers man should hear a woman's voice Shoes ،How to deal with the Taliban undercover female violence ranging from beatings to death but spared border.

That's why the brutal Taliban away from their humanity, not leggy soon fell apart  The Mujahideen took power again.

Now women get the Taliban to take power in the second period,Mujahideen of the past experiences of women are used to Who have been active in cultural, social and political, if their participation in parliamentary affairs, government offices and cultural well can be seen ,curve for a number of their deputies as their presidential candidate has yet violence against women around the country are increasing dose, Hanging from his ears and nose cut fire beat Mslal divorce and there are many who do not respect women's right.

I only wish that one day the oppression and persecution of this country's underclass of society towards prosperity and Rafaie dismantled and would likely take positive steps Msry commission on Human Rights on the situation of civil society is the responsibility of the Ministry of Women's Affairs the causes and motives of the injustice in this country, particularly women and girls torture and abuse by the men and their families will be taken to get rid of the oppression they.

Women's Annex activities that one who is in Afghanistan for 2 years for women and young people have the power to create good conditions for a woman of her talent global Shazd,to violence against women to the welfare and tranquility of dropped calls and Women's Annex figure is an impartial body.

I wish i could have the good girls and youth of our country's progress through Women's Annex A perfect time to develop and demonstrate talent.

Film annex company, a foreign company in part from the viewpoint of cultural awareness and social development of the female mind Film Annex institution far caring and benevolent people, especially women, who have suffered so much pain and efforts.

Film Annex community and the Afghan people's talent show,The Institute will provide Mykvshdhty for youth work It was well appreciated Film Annex and is popular among individuals.



by: Siyar hakimi


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i am siyar hakimi Born in Farah AFG,i have been graduated Fram Abu Abdullah Taqi High school,& graduated successful Fram CTI in Kabul AF.

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