Afghanistan holds the key to future relations between India Pakistan

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Afghanistan’s presidential election process and the US withdrawal from the country will open up new dynamics between Indo- Pak relationships. Both countries will likely to bank on Afghan polities and principals on the future prospects of relationship building.

India unlikely let Pakistan control the domestic affairs of Afghanistan. The mid 1990 witnessed training ground for militants used to target various targets in India especially the Kashmir belt. India for sure won’t tolerate a repeat episode.

In the elections if it likely sees Mr. Abdullah the front-runner manages to consolidate his lead, and come to power he will doubtless continue to walk the same course of India-Afghan friendship. Abdullah is closely related to the Northern Alliance that pushed the Taliban from power in 2001 was supported by India among others.

Pakistan considers it’s their responsibility and obligation towards the Pashtun population of Afghanistan with supports the Afghan Taliban. Afghan Taliban which thrives on the sympathy of the majority of the Pashtun population of the country will hardly forward any support towards Abdulla.

The course of future Indian, Pakistan relationship will depend on the regional geopolitical environment. The ring masters of diplomats of both the countries will fight it out on the unpredictable and volatile pitches of Afghanistan in the upcoming days.

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