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The Akbash is a large, white breed of domestic Dog, native to the plains and mountains of western Turkey. The Akbash is a guard Dog and was originally bred by shepherds around 3,000 years ago to create a white-color Dog that could guard their flock of Sheep. Although the exact reasons for this particular choice in color are unknown, it is widely believed that a white guard Dog was wanted, to ensure that it wasn't mistaken for a hungry predator, such as a Wolf. The Akbash is an ancient breed of domestic Dog and although it is thought to have derived from similar breeds in Italy and Hungary, it's exact ancestry is not really known. These other continental guard Dogs however, were thought to have been brought into Europe from parts of Asia.


The Akbash is a large and powerful breed of Dog, that is perfectly built for a life of Sheep guarding in the mountains. It has a short to medium length coat, which is white in colour with occasional patches of light brown. The coat of the Akbash is coarse to prevent it from matting when exposed to the alpine elements, and the double-layer allows it to also be water-resistant, protecting the Akbash from getting too cold. The Akbash has a big head  and powerful jaws, along with a very strong body, a short neck and large, curved toes. The tail of the Akbash is very distinctive to the breed as it is not only long and curved, but is also covered in longer, feathered fur. The Akbash has thickly padded feet and almond-shaped eyes that vary from gold to dark brown in colour.



Name: Akbash
Origin: Turkey
Group: Dog
Average Size (H): 86cm (34in)
Average Weight: 63kg (140lbs)
Average Life Span: 11 years
Average Litter Size: 8
Type: Guard
Colour: White, Brown
Temperament: Calm, independent, brave and protective
Training: Hard
Distinctive Features: Big head and powerful jaws





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