Alexander [Story by Haider Khan][Part 2]

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The king looked around the table, where all the major chiefs sat. His anger was not to blame as such a strong empire, had its enemies inside its walls, without even knowing. "What are we to do now?" Said Alexander. "I do not know son, its just that, were we so weak, so... so exposed, so helpless that the enemies crawled into our cities with us having no knowledge. What if the assassinator's mission was completed, what if you were killed? We must do something." Said the King, with his wine glass in his hand. Then suddenly the gate guard came in running, with his breath fast. "My..... My Lord!... .WE ..... have, been...... .att...attacked... by the Persians!!!!" "Call the MEN TO ARMS!" Ordered the King. All the cheifs in the room took their swords out, and picked their sheilds. Alexander was the first to go out the room. Just as he got out, he saw buldings on fire, women and children being slaughtered, some of them already killed.

 He was astonished as he saw a city so well built, so well protected by huge walls, broken inside, with in minutes, this huge city became the city of rumbles. "May god be with us!" Shouted the King on his horse, as he charged towars his enemies. Alexander was on foot. He took out his his spear, and fought with it. He fought and fought and fought but to no use, the Persians were so many. It was like half of the Population of the City was Persians, and indeed it was! 

Alexander saw his men die, killed, as this attack was unplanned. He was shocked and dissappointed at the same time. He saw a chance to leave the city, as there was no chance of wining the war himself. He saw the king point at him, and then saw him point at the beaker. He understood. He had to light the beaker, to warn other nearby settlements. Alexander, went up, killed a few men, and then flamed the beaker. Then he saw the King tell him, to go away. Alexander noded in negetavity, but the king emphasised alot, he wanted him to go, and so it was an ordder, and an order was to be obeyed. Alexander there an then, left the city.

End of Part 2

Written by Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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