Alexander [Story by Haider Khan][Part 3]

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The hatred in Alexander's heart for Persians worsened. As he travelled he vowed in his heart to take revenge from the Persians in the same way they did. He could not forget how in misery were the Greek Hoplites and King killed. He also accused god Zues for doing this, infact he got so angry, he started shouting at the sky, making it look like he was talking to god. "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS ZUES!!! IS THIS WHAT WE GET WHEN WE PRAY!!!" He also vowed never to pray to any god in existence

As he travelled, he reached a greek village. He warned them about the Persians and ordered them to leave the village as immediatly as they could. As he travelled, he warned 12 major towns and villages. Most of the gold and other goods were carried by them. They accompanied Alexander in his journy.

But the question is, where was he heading? He was heading towards the kingdome of King Madius. A ruthless and merciless ruler of the Northern Greek Empire. The greed was completely over him. However, he was not very brave and infact, he never led out wars, he would order his generals to do the work. Alexander was not confirmed as he did nnot believe that King Madius would help him and the 12 villages.

When he reached the gates, he was called by the Gate Guards. "Who do you think you are checking?" Asked Alexander. "Sir, we do not care who you are, but we do want to know what your identity and surname belongs to." replied one of the guards. "You fools! I am Alexander! The Warrior and the major symbol of Greece!" Said Alexander with pride, how ever his pride was not accepted by the guards, they replied. "Alexander eh? (Chukcled together) Sir, there are alot of Alexanders here! So Please stop acting and let us check you and the people." When Alexander heard this, he quickly slithered out his knife and held the guard by his neck.......

End of Part 3

Written by Haider Khan

Student of olevels


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