American Eskimo Dog

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American Eskimo Dog History and Domestication
The American Eskimo Dog is a small to medium breed of domestic Dog that, despite it's name, is actually native to Germany. With European settlers came white versions of the German Spitz but after the First World War, it's name had to be changed to avoid negative feelings towards the country at the time. Until recently the German Spitz and the American Eskimo Dog were recognize as being the same breed, but they have now been registered separately as there are actually subtle differences between the two. Three different types of the American Eskimo Dog are bred today which are the toy, miniature and standard versions. Although they differ in size, they are almost identical in both appearance and temperament.




Name: American Eskimo Dog
Origin: Germany
Group: Dog
Average Size (H): Average Size
Average Weight: 9kg (20lbs)
Average Life Span: 15
Average Litter Size: 5
Type: Working
Colour: White
Temperament: Intelligent, alert and friendly
Training: Fairly easy
Distinctive Features: Bright, white coat and pointed ears

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