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Life is a combination of pain and pleasure. Some incidents which give us happiness in one way, may afford us pain in another way. The incident, Which I am telling, marks a sad as well  a happy day in my life. It is happy because I saved the life of my companion on that day. What happiness can be more than that? But it is also saddening because it relates the death of a kind man.

Our company of some friends set out to the Ravi River and settled down under a shady tree. It was a blazing summer day. But the cool breeze, the gathering clouds, the chirping birds and gurgling water made the day very pleasant.

After taking some rest we got busy in different games and sports. Some expert friends started cooking meal. The meal was ready. The tired friends fell upon the meal like vultures. Soon sleep over took us and all friends went to sleep in the cool shade of the trees.

After getting up, we hired a big boat and let it loose into the river. The boat was over loaded. Suddenly, the boat titled and Akram and Rafique fell into the river. It was a critical moment. Any body did not dare to jump into the deep water.

My swimming skill exited me. I plunged into the deep water and swiftly swam to Akram. He did not know how to swim and was being carried away by the waves. As I caught him , he clung to me and put all his weight on me. Now the situation became dangerous . Thank God, I brought him back into the boat quite safe and sound.


On the other hand , Rafique was also a non swimmer. He was also at the mercy of waves. A villager who was watching this incident on the bank, jumped into the water  to save Rafique. With great hardship he brought him near the boat. Rafique scrambled into the boat. Unluckily a huge wave of water came and swept the villager into the whirlpool. He went down under deep water never to come again.

Some experienced divers sought him but all in vain. It was the time of evening now. We all returned to our home. When I rushed to my bed that night, there was mixed feelings of sadness and happiness in my heart, I was sad on the death of a kind hearted man, But I was happy because I had saved the life of a friend. 

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