An Immediate Action - Kudos Bitlanders Team!

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I had made a blog yesterday about someone who had copy and pasted 6 blogs of mine on his account without my knowledge. If you haven't read that blog, it's here. Good thing, I caught that man alive. lol

Seriously, it is not really my intention to report the guy as I had commented on those posts telling him to delete the articles he had copied from me. But sad to say, he had not responded on my query hours after I commented from that blogs.

So I made my way on emailing the admin about this matter. Of all which I find really hard to submit, are those blogs which are sometimes draining. And in matter of seconds or two, someone just copied it right then and there.

Good thing is, the admins in this site are really helpful to our needs. I'm really a living proof to that. I had emailed them so many times of the issues which finds me confusing, and now with this - reporting a plagiarist.

They will always respond to my emails asap. That's why I'm loving the site more and more. Kudos to all who had made this site successful! 

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