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Anger is a violent, unconsollable emotion. It is a reaction to a feeling of displeasure. It is a natural emotion caused by something unfair happening to you. It’s a time when you disagree with something that makes you unhappy or upset. Some people have uncontrollable anger. But some people control their anger.

No, No, No, anger is not a good emotion. Always learn to control your anger. Some time we express our anger in the wrong way. We behave widely with other, insult them. As a student I think that when my teacher scolded me some times, I ignore everything. But times I did not control my anger, and as a result my teacher punished me.

It is not a joke. It is reality. Many of us are confused as to whether we should keep anger within ourselves or express it. I think both are not good.

I think only one percent of girls fight when they are angry. The rest of them cry or just solve the issue there and then not that girls do not get angry.

When we get angry, we lost our dignity, respect and health. Intense anger can sometimes make ourselves insane. For example, when some people are very angry, they try to hurt themselves, which is intense.

Anger can spoil our relationship with family and friends we should learn to control anger effectively before it destroys us.

Knowing how dangerous anger is for our mental and physical well being, we need to learn to handle it effectively. We have to develop some self-control techniques to help control anger.

I think the best way to control your anger is first.

We should say.

اعوذ با للہ من ا لشیطن ا لر جیم

This is the best way to control your anger. Do it practically and Insha Allah, you will control your anger.

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