Apple officials: Xiaomi It Thieves

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Cupertino - not a secret anymore if Xiaomi, Samsung and other players in the smartphone battle globally branded as an iPhone copycat, as expressed directly by Apple. 

CultOfmac report, when questioned about this, on the stage of Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, a senior Apple's head of design, Jony Ive asserted that mimic the action as it is theft.

"I do not see it as flattery, I see it as theft, and it's lazy," said Ive.

Ive admitted that he was a bit harsh when talking about this. The firmness is reflected in the attitude of Apple in protecting its intellectual property.

It is very reasonable considering the Apple team worked very hard to build a smart phone.

"Honestly, the last thing that comes to my mind is 'oh, it's flattering'" said Ive. "The whole weekend I was supposed to spend with my loved ones, but do not ... I do not think that it is okay at all."

Ive also stated that the core design team in charge of developing the first iPhone has a membership of 16 people and have been working for Apple for at least 15 years.

The development process took eight years and along the way, Ive and his team often face the worst times in which they want to decide to give up.

"Eight years, and the iPhone was imitated. Indeed it is very disappointing," Ive lid.

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