Apple Or Android ?

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The purpose of this subject is not to create controversy or to create conflict, but simply to give a fair comparison, without taking a position so that everyone can make up their own mind after reading this am. Thank you to remain civilized and correct in the comments.
Since the release of the iPhone 5S and as always with the release of a new iPhone, there is a side with the pro-Apple IOS and other pro-google with android. Everyone from his arguments to show that THEIR operating system is the best of all. It is difficult to navigate as the speech of each other are often filled with truths. This paved information aims to make a comparison between the iPhone 5S and specifically IOS7 and Android with the Sony Experia Z1, the LG G2 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 which are in my opinion for models that can be compared to the iPhone 5, all of which are high-end smartphones.
Optimizing OS: who wins the match?
It must be recognized that it is not easy to make a comparison between IOS and android. The iPhone is designed and optimized based on IOS7. Normal you might say since Apple IOS and designer but also the manufacturer of the iPhone. Ie, owns a smartphone but also the operating system that comes with it.
Android is owned by Google. It is made ​​available to manufacturers for free. Therefore it is not optimized. Android is simply added to the Smartphone along well generally more powerful than the iPhone to offset this lack of optimization and make it despite technical details, all the fluidity that we expect from a top smartphone range. Therefore the technical requirements are not the same between the two operating systems. It is therefore not strictly comparable to the data sheet for the iphone to its competitors since the design of both models of smartphones is not the same. Therefore underline the hardware optimization - software remains an unknown term for Apple's competitors.
Android, IOS cheaper? Are you sure? hmmm
The iPhone 5S sold naked and therefore without operator subsidy costs according to the versions between 650 and 850 €. One of the most currently sold and the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone that is sold just over € 550. This leaves a bit cheaper than the iPhone but not so much. If you have the budget for a galaxy S4, you'll get an iPhone, to nearly a hundred euros. The excuse for Android smartphones cheaper is not really valid. For your information, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is around € 700, sony experia Z1 approaching € 650, about the LG G2 can be yours for about 550 €. If you're willing to put a high price for one of its Android models, you can as well put that amount in the latest Apple!
Do not forget that iPhone also resells much better and with less than a haircut android smartphone. I myself experienced when I separated from my iPhone 4S to amortize the purchase of a smartphone android! I was pleasantly surprised with the tune I've learned.

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