Appreciation of Mother Nature

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Often, We always see beauty in a face of a person, beauty inside a person, a scenic beauty of a place.

This time let's see the beauty in Nature... The Best things in life are free... 

A full bloom Kalachuchi flower  with a scientific name of "Adenium obesum" also known as "Frangipiani" or "Temple Flower".


The fact that they are naturally epiphetic (meaning a plant that grows harmlessly upon another plant, or on trees!) and can grow without soil,  Dendrobium Orchids from the greek words "Dendros", meaning TREE and "Bios", meaning LIFE. 


They say Pink stargazer lilies represent wealth and prosperity.


And not only flowers are beautiful.... look what I have found along the highway. 


A Beautiful shot of Acacia (Scientific name "Samanea saman") Tree along Highway road.  A genus of shrubs and trees, also known as "Rain Tree".


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