Are you ready to stay in a "mud house"....?

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Last winter. I went to a rural area with some of my friends for spend my leisure time with them, who are struggling to live. I forgot the name of this village but I remember that one of my friend #Reefat_chowdhury suggest me to visit this village for it's beauty and my demand[spending time with struggling people and listening details their miserable life]. I agreed cause I has no idea about this village as I was never gone there.

After deciding and finding out a date we started our journey by train. Including me we were 5. Luckly my sit was beside the window... All the way we enjoyed our journey so much. We saw farmer's working and preparing their field to seeds next corn. We saw many people collecting vegetables from their hasvested platfoem. Even we saw that people were sitting down under a big size banyan tree and their cows and goats grazing in the field freely.

I was really awesome, natural scenery was so much charming. We also take part war o sit besides window.

finally when we reached our destination it was only 8.35pm but there were nobody besides sleeping hockers and homeless people in the platform. We went then my friends relatives house and we were amazed that then accept up cordially and their hospitality was never be forgetable.

In the next morning we walk out to see village scenery but at the 9.30 am there was so much fog and we were clown although everybody of us wered warm dress...

But we surprised that some farmers carring corn over their head, some bathing their livestock. We discoverd a tea stall and many people there. we also gather there and wanna warm at least a little bit and ordered tea for us. We noticed that maximum people were talking about politics, government, politicians character and what to do now on be half of politicians. In returning time we saw a person carring jar of date palm in shoulder. we called him and drink fully pure date palm. I sear it was so so tasty.

By the I am boring you.... I know and apologize for this.

The main theme for discussing this story we discovered 1 mud house, after a little while another one and then so many.

we just heard about it but seeing first. It was an extraordinary feelings. we enter into one of these house and talk about their day to day life. we noticed that they has no headache who is currently running this country and what gonna be happening. they just want live such a live as they are living.

In this I was continously clicking. But I liked this picture very much and I hope it will carry our culture to next generation.


This is my 1st post in this site. so guys perdon me if anything wrong.

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