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natureThis is lake attabad lake in pakistan,hunza valley.

its the most beautiful lake of pakistan 

ATTABAD was a city where people were living there lives.there were homes streets and many more other things but one day a strong earthquake attack ATTABAD city in which hills collapse and the water of a river passing out from the city of ATTABAD enters into the city and spread everywhere day by the the water increasing and just because of this way a city named ATTABAD becomes the LAKE OF ATTABAD.

Nowadays its becomes the famous place for the visistors and for the tourits.people from outside countries also visits attabad lake because of the beauty of lake.

its a big lake situated in between the hills.the weather of this place is too cool in winters  also in summer.ITS A BEST PLACE TO VISIT.

The beauty this lake has you can see.

Water of this lake is too cold no one can swim in this lake just beacuse of cold water.and no one knows how much deeper this lake is.

Few years ago this lake was the way to go towards oposite way but just beacuse of CPEC roads and tunels have been made now .

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