Avoid Paparazzi, David Beckham Fall of Motorcycle

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Handsome footballer David Beckham reportedly experienced a single crash. As quoted from TMZ, the father of four falls in the region of the motor classic Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

David reportedly lost control while driving a motorcycle Super Vintage 93 'Knuckle favorite because avoiding the paparazzi who were in the area of Sunset Boulevard. He then fell but was not injured.

Victoria Beckham's husband fell right after leaving the popular tattoo studio in West Hollywood, Shamrock Tattoos. After the incident occurred, David immediately asked for the help of others who are in the tattoo studio to push the bike.

This is not the first accident ever experienced 39-year-old footballer. Late last year he never had an accident in the area of ​​Beverly Hills, United States. At that time David was driving his Range Rover Sport and the car crashed into the Acura that was in front of him.

The accident occurred because the Acura car driven by a woman suddenly appeared in front of his car when the bend. The front bumper of his car broke down and had to enter the garage.

When the incident occurred, the former England national team captain being with her ​​baby, Brooklyn. Both are reportedly not injured was the car that need to be repaired.

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