Ayala Cebu Cinema 5 Ceiling Had Collapse

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Last night while at work, the whole team heard sirens of ambulance. Although we are used to hearing ambulance and firetrucks from here and there, that one last night was actually something which happened just right next to our building.

Of course whenever these kinds of alarms happened, we switch to Facebook to know where and which event had happened specially if it is a fire. But it wasn't fire though and we just didn't pay attention to it. however, after a few minutes, an update was made on Facebook. One of our colleagues was very active to inform us about what had just happened.

The Ayala Cinema 5 Ceiling had collapsed! Ayala Mall is just next to our building though and so we concluded that explains the ambulance earlier.

Check how it looked:

And here's a video of the incident:

It was sad that these people were still inside although it is pretty obvious that the water was pouring like a water fall though. They had to wait til something worse would happen and yes it is did happen. Well as per the news, no one got badly injured.

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