Bacolod sweets

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Bacolod is more than just a place to visit and to enjoy the grand Masskara Festival, it’s also a place to enjoy delicious and mouth-watering foods.

First and foremost, the city is well-known for its chicken inasal. It’s a one of a kind dish that is originally created in the City of Smiles. A chicken marinated with special herbs and spices with a touch of love when grilling it.

Another great delicacy is the sweet flat piaya. It started out only with one flavor which is chocolate. But now, it has various flavors like mango, ube and many more. And now, it also comes not only as a flat piaya but now we have a puffy piaya which has more filling that your sweet-teeth can enjoy.

Another original and great delicacy is the Napoleones. One of the tourists favorite dessert and pasalubong. Just like piaya, it’s sweet but very creamy inside. It has a touch of sugar glaze. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll keep looking or even buying for more because of its creaminess and just the right sweetness to compliment whatever you eat. You can buy this delicious delicacy at Pendy’s restaurant. They make great Napoleones at an affordable price.

So what are you waiting for? While visiting Bacolod and enjoying the Masskara Festival this October month, enjoy as well the exquisite taste of our one of a kind delicacies.


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