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One day in his house, Basketor was drinking a soda when in the news he watched some zombies walking around Mexico City, and he go to D.F.

Suddenly it was found that the zombies began to chase , I toured the vast expanse of Caital when one of the superheroes of Mexico helped him ..... Santo the silver-masked , he helped the fight , using the buzzer pralizadora colorado chapulin .

Then beat the saint told Basketor going to eat pudding , to which the host said to him , right now, not young, because I just wanted to solve this mystery of zombies Guanajuato (which ended up being the San Lazaro zombies arguing for reforms education and the CNTE , for its agreement on education in Mexico ) . Basketor very happy and went back to his paquicueva , the sacred precincts of the heroes immortal as Goku, Iron Man and other heroes who were mentioned in the next chapter of BASKETOR ........... !!!