Be HUMAN & bring positive chnage now..!!!!

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why this topic?

well i think when we have to live in socially connected environment and we interact deal with others, then we observe feel lots of unsaid feelings. Most of us remain these flow of observation inside them while some like me cann't do this and we look for platform where we can share or sometimes try to get aware others about these "AHSASAAT". 

We are Human?

i sometimes ask this question we are human? i am doing a job and travel in public transport. I usually meet many people of different types. I have observed very minor things in our behaviour daily and get sad that being human we become so selfish, self centred. If we do little kind acts in our daily routine we can bring huge positive chage in our society. 

What are those acts?

little kind acts like when you are in bus and see some old person stand up and offer them sitting, if you look someone needy ask him try to help him out as much as you can, never jugde others on appearence basis never blame immediately others, respect your relations. most important if we speak softly polite we can creat pool of nice people around us.



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