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It doesn't  have to be all shouting, disagreements and sulking.

There is an easier way, honest!. All you have to do is compromise a little.

Getting Along

Although you didn't choose your own set of grown-ups,they choose you.So they do probably quite like you,and want you to be happy!Make the most of this,and let them know,in a calm and mature way,what you'd really like to do with your time .Be prepared to compromise.Although they want you to be happy,they're not likely to agree to you going to all- night parties during the week,or leaving school at the age of 13 to join the circus!

Getting Along Rules

  • Involve the grown-ups :- If they know what you're up to,they'll leave you to it.
  • Tit for tat :- If you do their stuff,they might let you do your own stuff, too.
  • Make promises :- An "i'll be back by nine" will show them you are thinking of them.
  • Keep your promises :- Show up when you said you would and their belief in you will grow.

Give and take

Don't worry, the lecture' s nearly over! There's just one more thing. Having said that your grown-ups chose you,don't you think you owe them just a little time in return for the decade. Grown-ups are actually quite easily pleased - just talk to them at the meal table and spend some quality time doing family stuff, and you'll have them just where you want them!

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