Benefits Of Drinking Tea

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Just returned from college. Got a cup of tea in hand and turned on the TV. And coincidentally they were showing the health benefits of tea. So I thought why not share some with all of you here too. Here are a few...

>Tea can boost exercise endurance.Antioxidants in green tea extract increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel, which accounts for improved muscle endurance.

>Drinking tea could help reduce the risk of heart attack.

>The antioxidants in tea might help protect against a boatload of cancer.

>Tea is hydrating to the body.

>Drinking tea is linked with a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease.

>Tea might provide protection from ultraviolet rays. Scientists say green tea may act as a back-up sunscreen.

>Tea could keep waist circumference in check.

>Regular tea drinking might also counteract some of the negative effects of smoking and might even lessen the risk of lung cancer.

>Tea could be beneficial to people with Type 2 diabetes.

These are all the benefits I could recall. There are certainly more of them. Its certainly a good habit to sip a glass of tea everyday.


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