BEST FRIENDS is a Promise not a Label

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Dear Best Friends,

When I say you're my best friend, you will always be no matter what happens or no matter where you are. When I'm with you it's easy for me to laugh and to smile because the sound of your laughter is a music to my ears. I even laugh at your corny jokes even though it's not really funny.

Though you're far away, I am always here to stay. When you need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to call me (you have my number, right?). And when someone breaks your heart, I'll break his bones.


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I am nothing special; just a common girl with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten.But I loved and will love with all my heart and soul... and for me, it will always be enough.

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