BitCoin – A Non-Believer Becomes a Believer

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I would like to start this piece out by saying that up until a few weeks ago, I was not a BitCoin Believer. I thought it sounded odd that someone could create currency that was not backed by a government, until I started to see all of the pluses and the world the is slowly adapting to the BitCoin Revolution.

For me, it all started a few months ago when I first heard about BitCoin. At the time the idea seemed to be more of web talk among believers more so than anything else. At this same time, here at Film Annex, we had been discussing numerous ways to pay contributors and how to do so in countries where we had no knowledge of the banking system or how to send them money that would not be hit by fees that would leave them next to nothing.

Then the buzz of BitCoin came to us as a potential way to pay everyone so that the Film Annex Contributor would not need to deal with the banks and transfer from US to the currency of their home country and lose on the exchange rate. Light bulbs in the head went off and we began our research into BitCoin and the pros of the new currency.

Imagine living in the United States and traveling to Europe for business. During that time, you can use your digital wallet and never incur a fee or exchange rate every time that you pay for something? A currency that allows you keep your money in your pocket and have freedom that is unlike any currency out there.

As my time as a non-believer, I heard news story after news story about BitCoins and where they would be accepted and who else was starting to invest in BitCoins.


When I was young, I remember someone getting the exclusive…and expensive car phone. The first way that I had seen for someone to reach another person while they were away from a landline. Very quickly, the car phone evolved from car phones to cell phones. Now cell phones have developed so much from the brick I knew as a child to these multi-purpose phones and cameras. I see BitCoin evolving just like the car phone…soon BitCoin will be everywhere in a blink of an eye and we will look back and tell people that we remember when we thought it was all hype that didn’t work – but then it became a way of life.


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