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Hello friends! Many of us here want to share their ideas, to have more friends, and to earn bit coins. Of course, by writing nice and quality contents and inviting more friends will increase your buzz score and earnings. Sometimes there will come a time that thinking nice articles will not be easy. While thinking of something to write, post and shout out here in bitlanders, we can also have additional earnings by doing some faucets and mining. Here are some nice faucets that you should try to earn additional bit coins.


Still for me, bitlanders is still the best one in earning bit coins and it is really fun to be a member here. Enjoy!

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I'm Rod. I'm a Broadcast Engineer. I'm also a musician, composer and arranger of Kapampangan Liturgical Music. I love to write blogs related to the reality of life. I'm also an avid NBA fan and basketball blogger.

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