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Bitlanders is a social interaction website created for the people like Facebook in which the User puts his own viable material like posting the Movie ,Blog ,MicroBlog and Gallery which is totally belongs to him posted at the same time and seeing the others posts and like them.It is kind of Platform where you can see the catchy content and even create your own.

Game based Platform

Bitlanders is a game based program originally produce for the users to make Friends and to promote the content which is originally made by the user on course.It is owned by the Italian Business man named as Francesco Rullie and he is also a black belt in judo karate.He has served as the president in Film Annex and introduced a new platform which also paying in Bitcoins (a digital currency) in 2014.

Reward system

There is a reward system in bitlanders that is given to its users everyday by completing certain tasks.On the verification of some documents the user is able to receive the payment in the respective wallet and the payment id made in Bitcoins which is a digital currency almost in use for everyone in near future.

Completing Tasks and Quests

Each day the team provides the different 4 quests which shown on the top right corner of the screen that must be completed so that the buzz should be maintained.Total 8 buzz is given for the whole day and more on the other side if you complete the other tasks likewise (shown in the picture) your participation with respect to buzz is completed.Even though it is not the latest image.

Buzz score

Bitlanders is paying by calculating the reach of the user which is his social reach and the that is only possible to communicate in buzz.Basically the buzz score is distributed in two ranges

1) Direct Power ups

2) The Blue buzz

1) Direct Power Ups 

The buzz is distributed in to two categories in which the first one is direct power ups which is actually the orange buzz shown in + and those can be gained by completing the tasks and writing a Blog.It is on User ability basically.

2) The Blue buzz

The Blue buzz is the actual buzz shown on the top right of the screen in block figures and it can only be maintained by the likings of the post you posted during the time.

As shown in the picture of buzz score trend by the time being.


Bitlanders is a vast field which is a platform for its Users to create their own Art and not only to create but also a source of promotion for them within a limited time frame at no cost and on the other hand it is reward based system in which the tasks are given and on completion of tasks the payment should be made.But to be honest,we as a Users not taking benefit from the platform like Bitlanders.We are making Spam again and again.

What is causing Spam in Bitlanders?

The Material that we post in the respective categories are causing spam.We download the video or any other image to post it in the video and blog and gallery which is of course in favour of others copyrights and post on bitlanders so basically it is the voilation of rules and regulations.It must be stopped because it is also the question of value and reputation of the site and the Sales and Marketing.

Spam related to content 

spam is convicted in many forms but mostly it is based in content wise as under

1) Video/Movie

Movie taken from other website or download form any other platform and posting it in bitlanders is causing spam.

2) Blog

Blog is related to what extent where any writing material taken form net which is belongings of others simple causing spam in this respect.

3) MicroBlog

Microblog is where the user is asking for otherd to buzz me and subscribe me and requesting there is no way other than spam.

4) Gallery 

Gallery section is the last one in which the Users takes or downloads the pictures form the Internet and post it in the gallery which is creating spam.

Reasons for spamming

1) Competitive buzz system

There is a competitive buzz system in which its not easy for the user to maintain the buzz score in this way they use the other means to reverse the competitive system and avoide to follow the rules.

2) Lenient Policy

The Lenient policy is making the users using bitlanders accordingly at their choice rather it must be full proofed for everyone.

3) Blog writing Users

The Users who are not writing the Blog getting the same amount of repose as the other formal users who ask for buzz and maintain their buzz in this way.The Blog writing Users are not getting the full rewards for their services a kind of discouragement moves them toward spam.

4) Buzzing Requests

The Users in the Global chat Asking for Buzz and to sub and making deals with the other Users creating a chaos.Even they are not open but in the private chat.

Consideration Measures against Spam

1) Quality content

The content used for the post must be original and it should not be copy paste form any other site from Internet.

2) Creativity

The User must create his own material for post.It could be anything related to his life.

3) A platform for promotion

Bitlanders is offering a platform for its Users to promote the Content which belongs to them.

4) User's Guidence 

Bitlanders should provide the Guidence to its new Users how are very new in this Platform and also it is the responsibility of Older Users to guide them.

5) Ban Policy

The policy for Ban any account on behalf of promoting the spam must not Limited to 1 particular day and also the guilty user must pay fine to proceed.


As a User of it I know better what is better for me to do.But I have to follow the rules not to use spam.I think there is no other site better than Bitlanders for me.

Lets start Together and raise the voice against Spam








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