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Bitlanders Best Paying Site:

Hi Friends!

Today I am going to introduce a best paying website.which pays you just for enjoying it.Its Totally Like Facebook.Its a Social Network.Which Pays you in Bitcoin.Bitcoin is a currency.When we Told Anybody about bitlanders,he ask many questions about it.For answering such questions i am going to write this blog.Following questions and answers will be surely helpful to you to understand bitlanders.

  1. What is bitlanders??
    Ans: Bitlanders is a Social Network,
         which is exaclty like Facebook.
         we use Bitlanders As we use facebbok.
         Only the difference between bitlanders
         and facebook is  that Bitlanders pays us,
         but facebook does not pay us.
  2. What Kind of Work we have to do on Bitlanders?
      Ans: we do following on bitlanders.
    1. We upload picks on bitlanders.
    2. We upload videos on bitlanders.
    3. We upload blogs on bitlanders.
    4. We upload microblogs on bitlanders.Microblog is same as we upload status on facebook.
    5. We do buzz Follower's or Subscriber's post on bitlanders.Doing BUZZ is same as doing LIKE on facebook.
    6. We do commenst on Follower's or Subscriber's posts.
    7. We make friends join on bitlanders with our Referral Link
    8. We share Follower's or Subscriber's posts on other social networks like facebook,twitter etc. 
  3. How Bitlanders Pays Us?
    Ans: Bitlanders Gives us Payment in Paypal or OkayPay.
  4. What is Minimum Payout on Bitlanders?
    Ans: 64.75$ is minimum payout on Bitlanders.Which is qual to 0.20 Bitcoin.
  5. In which currency Bitlanders Pays us?
    Ans: Bitlanders pays us in Bitcoins.
  6. After doing work on Bitlanders there is no increament in My bitlanders earning?
    Ans: Bitlanders gives reward of your work next day after doing work.

I have given answers of all randomly asked questions.even then there is any query about bitlanders,ask freely in comments,or contect me on Facebook & Twitter.

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