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Blog for SEO and Earn Double Rewards

Great news! Querlo has recently joined with Unilever and GRBN in the support of the Paragon Partnerships initiative. Querlo will use its technology to gather real-time data from all over the world! Read more here.

alt_ Credit: GRBN (Global Research Business Network)

Starting from today, until February 28, all blogs inspired by this event that are submitted for review will receive more bonus rewards. Your blog will be evaluated for additional buzz bonus depending on its SEO value. The reward can be as high as 2 times your original bonus. (Click here to see the current rewards for rated content.)


Photo Credit: Better Biz Blogging

Guidelines for SEO blogs

To earn this special bonus, your post must strictly adhere to the following requirements:

(1) A good title for your blog

- The length must be 55 to 100 characters. 

- Try to place important keywords near the start of the title.

(2) An introduction before the article

- A brief introduction for your content. It should let the reader know what the post is about and why he or she should continue to read more. 

- The length must be 160 to 200 characters

(3) The article

- Make sure your article isn't too short (at least 5-7 paragraphs), doesn't only contain pictures or videos, and doesn't have grammatical mistakes.

The topic for February 2016: About Querlo’s collaboration with Paragon Partnerships

(4) The SEO value

- The post must contain relevant keywords related to the content you are blogging about, and these keywords should blend well with the rest of the text.

- Use the keyword in the first paragraph if possible, and at least 3 times in the article.

(5) The Text Formatting

- Headings: Use at least two paragraph headings for readability.

- Bold important keywords.

(6) The Links

- The post should contain links to other related articles found on the Web or bitLanders.

GRBN ( must be included in the post for the topic in February.


(7) The Images, quotes, videos

- A good description with important keywords must be included to any image embedded in the post.

- A video related to your content must be embedded in the post.

- Images/videos embedded in the post should be of good quality.

Please note: 

All the quotes, images and videos used in the submitted blogs must be credited to the creator and original source. Images without proper citing are not accepted. The presentation score for your blog will be penalized. Read more:


(8) Author's name

Author's name must be included in the end of the article. If a short bio is included, the maximum length is 50 words. 

(9) Tags, keywords

The blog should be tagged with both generic and accurate keywords related to your content.

(10) The Querlo chat

The Querlo GRBN chat must be embedded in your post for the topic in February.


Embed code: <iframe src="" class="bitmiles" frameborder="0" width="500" height="500"></iframe>


More topics will be announced in the upcoming future. Stay tuned!


Happy blogging!



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