BLOG #153: Cool down

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Since we can feel the heat of the summer sun already, we decided to go for a swim at Riverview Waterpark again.  This is the closest resort here in our place with the service and amenities we like.  There is one at Irisan called Elizabeth Resort but the water is cold there and the it's a bit cloudy in that part.  It's good to go there if the sun is really that hot.

Aside from it's summer, it's also vacation time for students here.  Also, it's the start of Holy Week so most people are coming up for vacation and spend their Holy Week here.

Be advised:  Those who plan to come up to Baguio, the roads here are being rehabilitated and it causes a lot of traffic.  Come up at your own risk but you have been warned.

We though that there will be few people at Riverview but we were wrong.  I guess everybody is feeling the heat.

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