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St. Christopher Lily

May is the month of flowers and also fruit bearing for some trees.  The picture above is one of mom's bloomers this time of year.  (Click and read about moonlight cactus, another flowering plant my mom has.)

I was having a hard time looking for this in the internet.  I have used different keywords in searching for the name of this flower.  It's like a cross between amazon lily and other kind of lilies.  What is distinct about this is the crescent shaped black anther and very thin style and small stigma.  There was one picture that I thought closely resembled this flower and it was captioned "white lily" so I assumed this is a lily that grows only here in our place.

However, further search under the lily variant especially swamp lilies, led me to St. Christopher Lily or Crinum Jagus.  My assumption is wrong about this flower being endemic here in our place.

What I like about this flower is that it blooms during the latter part of the summer season here in the Philippines and that is around late May and/or early June.  It gives off a very fragrant smell and they bloom in clumps.  It is a cool flower during the hot summer days.

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