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Samgyeopsal (Samgyupsal) is a Korean food.  This literally means three (sam) layered (gyeop) meat (sal).  This is a table-cooked dish.  This is very popular and is usually a treat.  Here in Baguio City, this is one of the favorites of locals and tourists alike. Chil  Cheon Gak, Wood Nymph, and Korean Palace to name a few are some of the Korean restaurants here in Baguio City that serves Korean Food and where you can eat Samgyeopsal.  Some local restaurants also serve this kind of meal.


What is Samgyeopsal consists of?

1.  Lettuce

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If you want to prepare your own Samgyeopsal, do it when it is lettuce season because it is this time where you can buy lettuce at a cheaper price.  It is better to buy fresh lettuce.


2.  Ssamjang

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Ssamjang is a Korean paste that they add to the meat to give it taste.  The green variety is what they use in Samgyeopsal.  Although you can still opt for the red one which is spicy (Gochujang).  For someone who loves spicy food, I like the red one variant better (Gochuhang).  Ssamjang is saltier while the Gochujang is spicier.  Gochujang is pictured below.

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3.  Beef or Pork Slices

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In choosing the meat for Samgyeopsal, it is still advisable to buy meat from Korean shops.  Korean meat have thinner slices while Filipino slices are thicker.  Thus it is advisable to buy Korean meat.  Korean meat is more tender and easier to cook.


4.  Rice

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For rice, you can just choose your favorite rice.  This is a staple food for Asians.  However, you can still opt not to.


5.  Side dishes

Side dishes vary from restaurant to restaurant.  Whatever side dish is available, that is what they will serve.  These are what they usually serve that comes along with the Samgyeopsal.  It is not necessary that you have all of them but it would be better if do.


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Kimchi is a fermented vegetable usually consists of cabbage, chili peppers, etc.  This is a Korean dish that is present in almost every meal.  It's almost like a national food for Korean, like a staple food.  You can also buy this in Korean shops or restaurants.  You can also make your own.

Kimchi is better if it is fermented.  The fresh one tastes differently than the fermented kind.  Of note however, the taste and probably the smell of this can be overwhelming.  Some don't like it right away.  Just like every other new food or taste introduced in your body, it takes time getting used to this kind of food.  To eat it with the other ingredients though makes it better.

This is one of the important ingredients you should have for your Samgyeopsal experience.

Pickled radish

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You can buy pickled radish in Korean shops too.

Some restaurants serve sprouted beans, sesame oil, fried sweet potatoes, soy sauce for additional taste, etc. Others serve mushroom along with the garlic and onions.  As mentioned, you can choose what you want to eat with your Samgyeopsal.

Note:  When eating in Korean restaurants, you should request for side dishes and free drinks like tea that comes with the every meal.


What you need

You can buy these items in Korean shops where are they are usually cheaper.  However, you can also buy these from your favorite department stores or other shops that have these items.  You can also buy these items from online shops.  These are the items you need for a table-cooked dish like Samygeopsal.

1.  Portable Gas Range

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2.  Butane Gas

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3.  Korean Samgyeopsal Pan or any non-stick frying pan

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How To Start

  1. Prepare all the ingredients like lettuce, kimchi, ssamjang, etc.
  2. Slice the onions and garlic.
  3. Heat the Samgyeopsal Pan or nonstick frying pan.
  4. Cook or grill the beef and/or pork sliced meat.
  5. Grill the onions and garlic.


How To Eat Samgyeopsal

Place bits and pieces of the available ingredients on a lettuce leaf.  Apply enough Ssamjang or Gochujang.  Put enough soy sauce and/or sesame oil.  Wrap them in a lettuce leaf and eat and enjoy!

What I usually do is wrap most of the ingredients in the lettuce leaf and eat the rice and kimchi later.


Here are some videos from the web about Samgyeopsal:



Koreans love to enjoy Samgyeopsal with their favorite beer which is Soju. To experience the Samgyeopsal experience, have it with some Soju.  However, word of advice, drink moderately or not at all.

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When in Baguio City, Chil Cheon Gak is the Korean restaurant I know that only serves beef Samgyeopsal.  All the other restaurants serve pork Samgyeopsal.

 For table-cooked dish, beef dish or pork dish, you may want to try this Korean dish.  It's easy to prepare and easy to cook.


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