Blog008: Tharpup Linux, the new alternative to Windows XP/7 Operating System

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I’m always on the look for the new operating system. I love Windows Operating System as they set the industry standards. However, it is most likely that they are the target to most malwares and viruses over the years. I don’t know when will they come up with a bulletproof like operating system. This is why I tend to use some alternative operating systems. I like LINUX as one of the great alternatives to Windows operating system.

LINUX is fast, robust, virus-free in most cases and the most of the most interesting part is, It’s FREE. Well, you read it right. Not unlike any other operating system s like Windows and MAC, this operating system is free to use and put to your system. So if you’re not such a gaming person. You can use this operating system and you will be free from any viruses and most of the harmful software running rampant in the Windows world.


One of the simples t and fastest LINUX operating system variant or we call it distro is Puppy Linux. I love Puppy Linux and this is a perfect operating for notebook and aging computers. This is fast and no –holds barred, easy as a puppy to handle version of linux. Tharpup, one of the latest version that they released, this is fast and made for the gaming environment. I might say that they are coming close to a commercial grade software. If you want to test this to your system,you should check their site and download the latest version. This is free and you will not spent a penny for this operating system at all. Just for the download bandwidth that it will consume and just burn it on a CD and you’re done.




Good Luck and thanks for reading.

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