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It was 9th September 2017, people who came to visit the Kulana Lake (India) in the afternoon, saw that a police van came and some policemen came out and started searching for someone. Soon they saw a teenage girl standing on a high post near the lake. Looking at the police, the girl went on the very edge of the post. It seemed clear that she wants to jump in the lake. Seeing this, the crowd was gathered at this place. The policemen along with the crowd tried to stop the girl not to jump into the lake but nothing affected her. It seemed that she was completely lost in some kind of a magic or someone has captured her mind and she cannot listen to anyone else as if someone has hypnotized her and she was going to do what she was asked to do.

Story of Indian Girl Manaal

Suddenly the girl jumped into the lake. Fortunately, there were three good swimmers. They also jumped behind the girl immediately. The drowning girl was saved. When the unconscious girl was taken out of the water and was brought to the ground, people were amazed to see that a Whale was made of blue ink on her arm. This 17-year-old girl was a resident of Jodhpur, India. Kalana Lake is 8 kilometers away from Jodhpur. The girl named Manaal was the tenth-grade student. One day, the link to the game called "Blue Whale Challenge" was received on mobile. Due to the hands of curiosity, Manaal downloaded that link. From the other end, an unknown person started talking to her. He informed the girl about the Blue Whale Challenge in detail. The flexible things of this person gripped her. She started giving information about herself and her family. Even sending pictures of her and her family.


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Then Manaal begins to participate in Blue Whale challenge. An unknown person started issuing an instruction daily. This proved to be a strange game.

Strange Features of the Game

The daily runner or the "Administrator" used to give an order or directive to the one who participated for fifty days. When the challenger completes the order, it would have to give evidence on WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram through photos and videos that they actually fulfilled. This challenge like a game was comprised of 50 days. The feature of this game was the unique orders of the administrator. If a common person knows it, he would be definitely scared of it. You also read some orders:

1. Dig the image of "157" with the blade on your arm.

2. Wake up at 4:20 am daily and watch the horror movies which the administrator send you on the internet.

3. Cut the nerves of your hand, but the sore is not too deep. Just cut three cuts. Send their pictures to administrator

4.  Make a picture of Whale on the page and send its photo to the curator.

5. If you are ready to become a "Whale", if “yes” then carve yes on your leg with a knife. If not, put a lot of cuts on your body (so that you can punish yourself)

6. Watch scary movies all day.

7. Climb the crane.

8.  Hold the legs on the ceiling dog.

9.  Cut your lip with a blade.

10. Do not talk to anyone today.

The final order or instruction of the administrator is that (usually) suicide by jumping from the roof. This is not only a story or a tale, but in fact, it happens ... and younger boys and girls have given their lives by following these instructions.

How was Manaal Rescued?

Manaal was missing from the morning on September 9. Parents had been watching for a while that their daughter was quiet and depressed. That's why they were already looking at it. When they found her missing from home, immediately notified the police. The police spread the looks of a girl on wireless. The soldiers posted on the Kalana lake reported that the girl of these looks is present here. So the police reached the lake.

The police brought Manaal to the house. But on the same night, she ate sleeping tablets and tried to commit suicide again. She was delivered to the hospital on time and she was again saved. Now psychologists are treating her. The girl told the psychologist, Dr. R.Dhuka, "The Blue Whale Challenge" Manager ordered me to commit suicide by jumping from the roof, cutting the nerves of hand or jump into the lake or the river. He threatened that if I did not take my life, he would kill my parents. I am very scared of him.

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Now I would like to explain Blue Whale Game Challenge in the lights of Wikipedia

The Blue Whale Game , also known as "Blue Whale Challenge", is a 21st-century social network phenomenon that is claimed to exist in several countries, beginning in 2016. The game reportedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators over a 50-day period, with the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide.

                                                                                                                                                                   Source: Wikipedia

Just like the most of the inventions, the internet also has merits and demerits. This has become the largest source of information or knowledge in the modern world. It has also made it very easy to contact. But the devil people have started to use it to perform their vicious activities. The game called BlueWhale Challenge is one of the most important evidence. The world's largest Encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is listed in Wikipedia that the inventor of the game Blue Whale is a Russian teenager, Philip Bodkin. However, most experts do not recognize this claim. Due to the fact that many people have participated in this game's invention, it is true that this bloody and dangerous game took place in Russia. The reason is that Russia has a high ratio of suicide. After its neighboring country Lithonia, Russia has the highest rate of suicide. Every year, eighteen men of a million people commit suicide every year. In 2004, this rate reached thirty to forty people. Alcoholism, isolation, unemployment, economic and domestic issues are major reasons for suicide.

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The Suicide Club

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death. Risk factors include mental disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and substance abuse, including alcoholism and use of benzodiazepines.Other suicides are impulsive acts due to stress such as from financial difficulties, troubles with relationships, or from bullying.

                                                                                                                                                                       Source: Wikipedia

After 2010 smartphone operations began to become normal and every Russian became connected to the Internet twenty-four hours, and a very strange thing came regarding suicide. The thing which was happened was that, in the Russian internet world, such a websites came into existence which begins to tell the methods or ways to commit suicide to those who want to commit suicide. The experts have named such websites as “The Suicide Club”

These websites allowed the people who want to commit suicide to share their opinions and can contact each other. So, the young girls begin to join these sites and started to ask questions that how they can commit suicide?

 People would tell them strange ways to commit suicide. Important thing is that the majority of the respondents will raise their determination of suicide and tell them different tips. There were very few people who would give the advice to prevent suicide and not to kill themselves.

Gradually such people begin to come in Russian Suicide Club who begins to help the people in committing suicide. For example, a person responded to the boy on the Bulletin board, who was ready to commit suicide, that he is ready to push him in front of the coming train. Their theory was that they perform a good work by helping people who want to commit suicide. In this way, the world gets clean from useless people. The human brain is a mysterious item. Through this, every man takes his act on the right-hand side.

Role of Oppressive People

Under human rights principles, a  person giving pain or sadness to any other person is called oppressive, social enemy, psychological patient etc. But it is a very strange thing of this world that it also has brought such women and men who taught others how to commit suicide, not only to be happy but also considered their work as good.

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In Russia, such a "good-doers” made such websites which begin to guide to commit a suicide in a very systematic manner to those people who were ready for suicide. These websites often show pictures of Blue Whale. Due to the fact that the volatile Whales commit suicide on the beach due to unknown reasons. This amazing incident is called "beaching" in English.

The next step of this process came when the oppressed people started making websites especially to surround the people who have made their minds for suicide. These psychiatric patients feel happy by hurting others. These oppressive people settled the base of "Blue Whale Challenge" game so that the action of the suicide could be more sensational and adventurous. Gradually, they started to look for their prey. Not only this, in the next phase, they were particularly searched for young boys and girls whom they could encourage for suicide. In this case, the Blue Whale Challenge game became their main weapon. The link to this dangerous game was initially limited to the websites included in Russia's “The Suicide Club” By the experts, this club includes websites up to 1500 to 2000.  Later, this link began to rotate through the social media, especially through WhatsApp and Facebook throughout the world.


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Criminal and Businessmen Benefiting from BlueWhale Challenge

When the game was famous throughout the world, criminals and businessmen started to take interest in it. Criminal groups developed such viruses from hackers which enter into the cell phones of the user whenever he or she opens the link of this game.These viruses steal all the information of the user and send it to the person who is controlling them. If the worthy information is available such as bank accounts, credit card numbers etc then the criminal groups benefit from it.

In addition to criminal groups, businessmen also started to spread the link to the Blue Whale Game through Whatsapp and Facebook etc. Business personalities have benefited from this game due to "pay-per-click". Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook Web, etc., give much money for clicks to site owners. So the more visitors click on the site, the same the more amount is to the owner. The greedy people made it a bad way to earn with this process. They employ people on a minor salary to visit them on their own website or earn through a link to some famous things such as the Blue Whale Game.


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Such people have no religion. They only worship the God of money. However, it is clear that the Blue Whale Game became a tool for people with different ambitions. The enemies of the society full fill their Satanic desires or take revenge from the society. And this game has become a tool for earning for criminal and businessmen.Those people mostly fall a prey to Blue Whale Game who are depressed. If the administrator of the link is a devil, he can threaten his victim and get anything from an innocent guy or girl with his flexible talk.


How to be Safe from Blue Whale Game Challenge

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If the children have a smartphone then all the parents should take care of this device and should check it at regular intervals of time. They should take care of children's behavior and movement. If the child remains lonely, does not talk to anyone and becomes angry on usual things then you should know that he is playing the Blue Whale Challenge. Similarly, all the members of a home should have a look at a member of a home who is depressed. The Blue Whale Challenge Administrator targets such people who are depressed and embarks on his own enthusiasm to fulfill his interests. The Internet has become a dangerous place. This is especially important to convince innocent boy girls so that they can be protected from any type of attacks of the people of Satan.

This video is for social awareness among the people:

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Stay Safe

Stay Happy

Stay Blessed


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