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Hello dear Bubblers

Good Evening

Few days back I purchased a brand new laptop for me, and with that I got great deal on that laptop.

I got 1500 ₹ (INR) gift voucher for my next purchase and with that I got a gift pack.

That gift pack contains 10 small but useful things like external mouse, laptop screen guard, keyboard guard, laptop cleaner and small USB light and one memory card reader too.

But best thing I got is Bluetooth Headphone.

Yes that is really-really good quality headphone with Bluetooth and with all control in headphone.

I can stop/Play, fast forward movie from headphone control and I can increase or decrease sound from there.

Not only this I can attach this headphone to any device with Bluetooth, so I can connect it with my mobile and with my car audio system too.

Sound quality of that headphone was amazing and I can wear it for hours without headache or any other issue too.

I am using that headphone to watch movie on my laptop, so others don’t get disturbed.

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