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I’m a huge crazed-fan for auto news; so I follow the headlines throughout different magazines to see where the auto industry is headed for the future.

I have to tell you, we’re headed toward achieving an entirely eco-friendly status throughout each automaker foreign and domestic.

So I’m reading this article on Autoweek or it may have been CarandDriver, and the article basically mentioned the recent unveiling of the BMW i3, which is the German automaker’s first fully electric vehicle.

Now I know some of you are completely against the whole eco-friendly approach to motor vehicles and love your gasoline so I just want to mention the differing sides to this new vehicle.

BMW definitely took a serious approach in the world’s race for the best e-vehicle; thus, representatives of BMWs sales and marketing team are very optimistic about this fully electric vehicle believing it is a new era for individual mobility.

The only negative with that is for people who enjoy speed, you know, something we would never do, the i3 may put a damper on your fast stride.

This eco-friendly contraption is propelled by a 170-hp electric motor bring 184 lb-ft of torque; so this little rocket can go from 0 to 60 mph in 7.2 seconds, not bad huh?

Well let’s not get our hopes up just yet as this little beauty’s top speed is 93 mph, quite slow for all the hype. Unless you’re not thinking about racing for NASCAR with this machine, then it should be suitable for you on a daily basis.

Although, BMW promises that the figures improve in terms of speed when selecting the Eco or Eco Plus modes.

One thing I do have to point out since we are talking about an eco-friendly machine is the battery. Once the battery pack depletes, the expectation is three-hours charging time with a 220-volt outlet and a bit longer as you can imagine with a standard household outlet.

Overall, the i3 has high expectations as well as many speculations in regard to this new advantage for BMW in the race to engineer the greatest eco-friendly vehicle on the market.

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