Breastfeeding Infants

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Breastfeeding is highly recognized all over the world as a way to feed newly born infants up and even babies up to two years of age. This feeding way is not only used because of its financial benefits but also for the health of both the mother and the baby. An increased support with this choice of feeding technique is now being apprehended by most countries worldwide. Here are some of the ideas that you can learn from breastfeeding.

Benefits of Breastfeeding


Benefits to the infant:


  • It provides a nutritional and complete food
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Safely rehydrates and supply essential nutrients
  • Studies show that it can increase Intelligence Quotient (IQ) as well


Benefits to the mother:


  • Decreases risk for blood loss after delivery or birth
  • Decreases risk for ovarian cancer and Osteoporosis, these are some of the common illnesses acquired by women
  • It’s a natural family planning method


As the known motto says: Breastfeed is best for babies up to 2 years


The Different Breastfeeding Techniques

  • Cradle/Cross Cradle Hold- A very known type of technique to almost all nursing mothers
  • Underarm Hold- Also known as the football hold. The infant is held like a clutch bag
  • Side-lying- Both the infant and the mother are lying down and face each other. The mouth of the baby is parallel to the trunk of the mother facing the breast directly.


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