BTC Cake - It's a piece of cake! (FREE 0.005BTC to be given away to 2 user!)

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BTC Cake - It's a piece of cake!

Hey, guys! Have you ever heard of BTC Cake before? If no , then you should!

What is BTC Cake?

This is a site where you can bet your cakes and have a fair chance of winning or multiple your Ƀitcoins.

You should only bet Ƀitcoins you can afford to lose though, as there it no guarantee that you will win. However, chance of winning increases with the amount. At least for a cake with 2 or more wedges.

You are able to create your own cake! A unique feature that enables you to have it the way you want.

How does winner determined?

The result of a cake is based on a secret server salt and users provided salt, which means everybody affects the result.

I did not won anything! Did you cheat?!

I did not. No one can cheat

I can't cheat as I don't know what salt users will use and a hash of the cakes secret salt is always shown, so anyone can see that this never changes. And, users can't cheat, as they don't know what the secret server salt is before the time is up. The resulting value can be confirmed and calculated any time after time is up. I even provide a handy page showing it all.


Like I wrote above:

The result of a cake is based on a secret server salt and users provided salt, which means everybody affects the result.

Why did you make BTC Cake?

I lost a sum when MtGox collapsed in early 2014, and I just felt I had to take action and try to create something that can help me get some of it back. If this is successful enough, I can have a pot that can help others too.

Yet another scam site?


I have developed this with a lot of care to make it as safe, easy to use, and as fair as possible.

I have no plans of running away with anyone's money. After loosing bitcoins at MtGox myself, I feel the pain, and I surely don't want to do that to anyone myself.

I prefer this site being trusted and can run for years, getting better and cooler all the time. In fact, I have put a lot of time and effort to make it as reliable as possible.

For instance, I picked Go as it is strongly typed, garbage-collected and has explicit support for concurrent programming. I'm also using a javascript library to make sure calculations are correct when using real numbers.

I have no plans of stealing anyone's money. I even want to put solutions in place that strengthen this.

For instance, adding a way to bet with an address, so as soon as the time for the cake is up, payment goes back directly.

Currently though, I have addresses for a user, to make it quicker and more convenient as you can bet on different cakes quicker and cheaper (don't have to pay transfer fees for every bet). Besides, anyone can withdraw anytime they want. Addresses per bet is something that can come in later if this really is wanted, and this site is successful enough.

If you have any suggestions or ideas what I should do for you to trust this site more. Or, make it more fun, please let me know.


To promote this website, I have 0.01BTC to be given away to 2 of you that post their "Public ID" + "Comments about BTC Cake" + "Any improvements that should be done".

 You heard it right, that means 0.005BTC for 2 person!


Example of Public ID: public-XcD7imqKyC8bhkeC6qu00iThsuw77cG6

(You can find your Public ID on your BTC Cake profile page)


Format for your post to eligible for this promotion is:

Public ID: public-XcD7imqKyC8bhkeC6qu00iThsuw77cG6


Improvements that can be made?: 

 I'll choose 2 post with the best comments and improvements that BTC Cake should be done.

This promotion has ended.

Free 0.005BTC for 2 user! Good luck!

Thanks for reading my blog.


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