Bubble Town Quest

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Wala akong maisip eh :) so irepost konalang tong from BB ko ng articles :) hihihi :D


First things first- what do I do first when I logged in on bubble town?
First, I just scroll around, take a look at my own page and scroll down
Focusing on my profile comments and see if there's any familiar noun
I'll go quickly to their page, deleting those comments- an assurance of missing none

Visiting their page - feels like another breakthrough on my own
Not to mention, those who are leaving comments - redundantly known
I for sure will visit your page and roam around your awesome zone
Gladly leave some comments on your post - not to leave my throne 

After all profile comments got deleted - sneaking on my good one would be next
Leaving some comments on their page , a sweet , genuine and a heartfelt text
Seeing their posts drives me crazy, which I myself can say it really infects
Through reading their post, I know they really deserves from me - a respect

My most favorite would be this - interacting with my fellow writers
I know they are really too good and too witty - indeed a pure fighter
Interacting with them is really fun - finding such friends in cyberspace
Hoping to see them personally, not just in bubble town - an addicting place

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